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Starting from October of 2018, the Faculty of Mathematics and Physics offers stipends to students enroled in its Ph.D. program. The stipends are funded by the European Social Fund in the project “UNIWERSYTET 2.0. – STREFA KARIERY”, task: International Ph.D. Studies of Exact Sciences.

The stipend amounts is PLN 4000 per month given for every academic year and can be extended to the next academic year up to the end of the program in September 2022.

In the program we offer our Ph.D. students support for research visits in partner universities in Europe, student conferences and workshops and international collaboration.

At our faculty, most graduate courses are offered in English and the supervision of international graduate students can also be done in English. In addition, several of our professors can offer supervision in other European languages, such as German, Italian, Ukrainian. We have low class sizes and an excellent professor to student ratio, which guarantees optimal supervision, see [Your possible future Ph.D. supervisor].

The research groups of our faculty [Areas of Research] have high international standing and many internationals connections [Cooperation]. These connections frequently attract first class researchers from all over the world for colloquium talks, research visits and small conferences held at our faculty; see [Seminars], [Conferences]. We actively support our students in taking advantage of these connections and in developing international co-operation themselves.

Further information on the Ph.D. program and the available supervisors can be obtain from:

for Mathematics: for Physics:
Prof. Franz-Viktor Kuhlmann, fvk@usz.edu.pl, Prof. Konrad Czerski, konrad.czerski@usz.edu.pl.

Additional admission: For Ph.D. students who are enrolled in the Ph.D. program of the WMF before Oct. 1, 2018 and who wish to enter into the International Ph.D. program, the application deadline is March 13, 2019