Środowe Seminarium w Instytucie Fizyki

    W ramach Środowego Seminarium w Instytucie Fizyki  9 stycznia 2019 o godz. 12:30 w sali 106 w budynku Wydziału Matematyczno-Fizycznego w Szczecinie, ul. Wielkopolska 15,

    dr Edyta Podlewska-Gaca

    wygłosi wykład pt.

    Determination of physical parameters of asteroids.


    Small bodies in the Solar System although numerous, still remain poorly understood. The easiest way to study asteroids are photometric observations. The lightcurves can give us a lot of information about the fundamental physical parameters such as rotation period, spin axis orientation, shape and volume which with known mass gives also density. The calculated models of asteroids, in turn are essential for testing the scenarios of the Solar system formation and evolution. In my talk I will describe the methods and present first results of determining of physical properties of asteroids obtained in framework of the projects H2020: „Smal Bodies Near And Far” and in Large Program on ESO VLT telescope.